I’ve been away for a few days working on this delightful project. For you all you keep up with this Seamster’s blog, may recall I posted about The District Style Challenge hosted by Capitol Couture (which happens to be the official Hunger Games blog for all things Capitol fashion) about two weeks back. The challenge its self was to come up with a look inspired by the Districts or Capitol from the Hunger Games film/books. Whether it was a sketch, collage, or just something you pulled out of the closet. It had to be an outfit that would make even Effie envious.

As soon as I read about this contest I started sketching my entry (shown above), then I thought, “Why submit a plain sketch when I can give these outfits life.” I watched the film at the midnight showing to gain a bit more inspiration for what I wanted to make. I chose to go with a blue and black color pallet, then the following day jetted off to the fabric district, or as I now refer to it as District 8, to pick out my Capitol choice of fabric.

I thought about it for a minute while fabric sampling and asked myself, “…What would you see the people of the Capitol wearing?” and it hit me, texture. Since I had knew I was going with a blue and black color pallet I was on the look out for great textured fabric. I ended up with this beautiful blue, metallic blue and black floral print fabric, a black woven fabric, a turquoise almost firework print fabric, and a bit of this checkered woven black fabric. Once I figure out the yardage and picked up my extras (Flowers for a head and neck piece which I had hand dyed blue) I started cutting and sewing. It was pretty obvious who was wearing these costumes; we all must know her by now, the ever so lovely Candice. After a few fittings with her to get everything just right, I got my photographer Rafael and my hair stylist Zenaida on hand to help me out.

We shot at the Walt Disney Concert Hall In Downtown Los Angeles, this location just seemed to fit the Capitol look and feel. It was a positively wonderful shoot with Candice, a group of kids had approached us and asked if we could take a picture with them, they were fans of the books/film and could straight away tell were dress like Capitol Citizens from the film. Another HUGE highlight of this project was when this old fashion guru came up to me stating that my outfits were very Therry Mugler and John Paul-Gaultier looking and that he could see those designers designing my outfits and putting them on the runway. BEST COMPLEMENT EVER. These photos came out simply just wonderful and look as if they were movie stills. So Im proud to say I lived in the Capitol, even If it was Just for a day.

So what you see above is my finished product and entry for the District Style Challenge #4: Deck yourself out contest. May the (Style) odds be ever in my favor.

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